We demonstrate the love of God by providing life essential services such as food, clothing, shelter and emergency assistance to those in need.

Our Vision

With God's provision, we are creating a better future for Pettis County residents by meeting the need for food, clothing, and shelter, thereby improving the economic, social, and emotional stability for all we serve.

Become A GEM
Thank you to all our donors who help us carry out our mission!

Open Door Service Center, Inc., Open Door Food Pantry, and Open Door Kitchen are capable of serving thousands of community members each month all thanks to the donations that come in from community members like you!

Tax credit
Missouri  income  tax  policy
gives  a
50%  tax  credit
to  donations  for  the
Food  Pantry.
Please  consult  with  your  
tax adviser.
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Open Door Service Center, Inc., receives support from United Way for services provided to Pettis County citizens.

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Open Door Food Pantry receives 95% of food from The Food Bank.


  • Open Door Service Center, Inc., was founded in 1972 by Reverend Marvin Albright, who at the time was the Pastor of the Immanuel United Church of Christ. 

  • In the early years it was operated from the church and the parsonage.

  • The purpose was to meet the needs of individuals in the area who had nowhere else to turn.

  • It was established as a Christian faith-based ministry and continues to operate on Christian values.